Bradenton River, Florida Dec 22

A fellow kayaker we had met last year on the Boardman River in Traverse City lived in southwest Florida. He offered to take us kayaking if we were in the area. We were in Tampa in December with the family to celebrate our anniversary, so we sent him an email. He happened to have a trip scheduled for two days later down the Bradenton River, only 15 miles from where we stayed. He invited us along, even providing us with the kayaks and all the gear we needed.
We put in at the Linger Lodge, paddled to Ward Lake, and then paddled back to the Linger Lodge where we ate lunch afterward. It was 65 degrees when we arrived, so, being from Michigan, we wore shorts and t-shirts, while the locals were bundled up.

Ward Lake

It was a beautiful day, and gave us a chance to do some kayaking while the women shopped.
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