Manistee River May 5, 2012

 A trip down the Pine River was cancelled due to 5'' of rain and a lot downed trees and floating logs. It was decided to do the Manistee River instead.
 The Manistee is a much larger river, and with the Hodenpyl dam controlling the flow, not nearly as high. The current was strong, though, keeping everyone on their toes.
It was a little cool at the beginning, and although it threatened to rain several times, it was a dry day.
Thirteen kayakers showed up for a nice float.

The entire length from Hodenpyl Dam to Red Bridge is through national forest land, so there are no houses or roads to be seen, making for a wonderful and quiet trip.

The sun did come out near the end of the trip, and the temperature warmed up nicely. Another wonderful day on the river.
 11.5 miles total. Year to date- 26.5 miles
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