Muskegon River June 16, 2012

Paddled down the Muskegon River from Croton Dam to Newaygo. About a 15 mile paddle that took about 3 1/2 hours.
 Rather large group today. The Muskegon River is a large river- plenty of room for everyone. And it's needed since it is essentially a party river because of its proximity to the largest cities in West Michigan. There are always lots of tubers, canoeists, and kayakers all dodging fishermen, both wading and in boats. Not the river you want to paddle on a warm weekend if you are looking for a peaceful float. If, however, you want to have fun with a large group of friends, bring your super-soakers and lots of refreshments.

Started out as a sunny day with temps reaching the low 90's.  Clouds built up as the day went on.
 As usual, we stayed near the front of the pack to avoid congestion, and to have at least a little peace and quiet.

The river was not nearly as crowded as last year when we were literally bouncing off tubes much of the way down. But this year we were able to steer clear of them for the most part. The 6 miles from Croton Dam to the Thornapple access there are mostly kayaks and fishermen. Not many tubers can stay sober enough to float the 14 miles or so to Newaygo.
That changes drastically at Thornappple, where busloads of tubes and canoes get in the water.

The M-37 bridge over the river at Newago, where the tubers get out.
We went about a mile further to the DNR takeout this time, to avoid the crowds getting off the river. Saw a pair of swans swimming in the river. Missed getting a shot of them taking off. Would have made a great picture.

Started to thunder and lightning shortly after getting off the river. Timed that just right. Didn't get much rain, though. We need it badly; it is still extremely dry out.

A 14.3 mile paddle. Year to date 64.5 miles.

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