Sturgeon River June 23, 2012

 Considered one of the faster rivers in Michigan. Starts out narrow but with a strong current. Used the Future Beach kayak today because it's shorter and more stable on such a narrow river.
Clear day with temps in the low 80's. We didn't get started until after 12:30 as there were some festivities downstream we had to wait for.
Not too much challenge on the upper section. Lots of brush along banks that keeps landing spots to a minimum.

Getting more into the trees along the banks instead of just brush.

Lots of places where the canopies of the trees spread across the river.

 Lunch break at a city park in Wolverine, MI.
Current picks up and river gets wider downstream of Wolverine.
 Several places with small drops that provide a little fun.

 River gets much more winding as we go. Lots of deadfalls and logs in the river cause some problems. 2 water rescues as kayaks get caught in the logs. Everyone is okay though.
 River can be shallow in spots. There are some places with long stretches of rapids and lots of quick turns that keep you on your toes.
 Current gets so strong and turns come so fast it got difficult to take pictures. By the time the camera got out, you had to set up for another turn and another deadfall to go around.

 Finally reach the end at 6:25. With the waits for the rescues and several breaks, it was a long 6 hours on the river. Very tiring, but well worth the effort. My new favorite river.

Paddled 16.5 miles. Year to date:81 miles.


  1. This river is the best if you want a little more challenging river to kayak, canoe or just tube down. Though, it is not a good idea to go down drunk.

  2. Just spent the day floating the Sturgeon and had a blast. Used Sturgeon River Paddlesports ( as our outfitters, very professional service. Paddled from Wolverine to North White road stopping for lunch at a little riverside cafe for lunch. What a great way to spend the day. The weather was a bit cold but the leaves are almost peak fall colors which more than made up for the weather.