Grand River 68th Ave in Eastmanville July 21, 2012

 Took a short 3 mile paddle with Vicki and Jasper on the Grand River. We wanted to try the new kayak launch at the park off 68th Ave. Works good, for those who don't like to get wet when getting in the kayak. Of course, with the Grand River, that's not a bad idea.
 A very warm day again- mid 90's. But a stiff breeze kept us cool.
 With the breeze at our backs and little current from the lack of rain, it was easy to paddle upstream.
Paddling downstream into the wind was almost more difficult than going upstream.
 Jasper seemed to love it, and behaved himself remarkably well. May have to include him on longer trips sometime.
 Paddled 3.06 miles. Year to date: 127.43 miles.

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