Michigan's Upper Peninsula Kayak Trip Day 1 July 25, 2012

Whitefish Bay - Salt Point to Naomikong Point
John C and I drove up to John S's cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for a few days of paddling. After we crossed the Mackinaw Bridge, it rained the rest of the way to the cabin. We arrived shortly before noon, and waited out the rain inside. It finally stopped at about 2:00.
We met up with the other five at the cabin, and got ready to set out for Whitefish Bay for a short 2 hour paddle.

 John's redneck shuttle service.
John S attempting a seal launch into a ditch next to the lake.
 Finally getting ready to launch into Whitefish Bay at about 4 pm during a break in the weather.
Deb trying to get a picture of the ragtag group before launching.
Water was unusually warm for Lake Superior, almost as warm as Lake Michigan.

 The sky remained overcast most of the time, with just an occasional break.
With a south wind blowing off the shore, the water was very calm for our first big lake paddle.
Rain was falling to the north of us. We kept close to shore in case it decided to move our way.

Large rock off Naomikong Point in Whitefish Bay where the seagulls apparently like to sit. We turned around here and headed back along the shore.

A baby eagle followed us along the shore as we paddled back to the cars.
The shore varied from sandy beaches to large rocks. Very different paddle for those of us who have only paddled on rivers. I can see us doing this more often. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for a trip to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore later in the week.
Got off the water about 6 o'clock and headed back to John's cabin for bear meat chili. Delicious.  

Paddled 4.27 miles. Year to date: 131.7 miles.

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