Michigan's Upper Peninsula Kayak Trip Day 2 July 26, 2012

Two Hearted River
A beautiful sunny mid 70's day for an 11-1/4 mile paddle down one of the most scenic rivers I have had the pleasure to paddle.
We set up at the Reed Green Bridge.

The water was very clear, but the iron content of the area gives it a coffee color.

The current is moderately strong, not too demanding, but keeps you moving at a good pace.

There were 3 or 4 places where fallen trees crossed most of the river, but each had a narrow opening that we could squeeze through so no portages were necessary.

Checking a bluff overlooking the river to see if the wild blueberries were ripe. We were a little early. But we had a great view of the river.

Carla trying to decide if she wants to run down the sand hill.
Looked like fun so I followed her down.

She decided to do it again.

Back on the water after the short break.

Entering the area of the Duck Lake Fire in June. The fire was caused by a lightning strike, and quickly spread in the dry forest.
The fire was hit-or-miss in many spots, but already there are plants returning. God's great earth is remarkably resilient.

The smell of smoke lingered even six weeks later.
Our only portage necessary. We could have gone under the log on the left and then made a sharp 90 degree turn to go over another log, but since it was the worlds easiest spot to portage we decided to stretch our legs and walk past it.

Approaching the foot bridge for the campground that was at the mouth of the river before the fire. Most of the campground burned, but a few sites remain. We are already making plans to do this river again next year.

Paddled 11.25 miles. Year to date: 142.95 miles.

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