Michigan's Upper Peninsula Kayak Trip Day 3 July 27, 2012

Les Cheneaux Islands

We got up Friday morning to a forecast that didn't look favorable to kayak Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. So we made the decision to drive to Cedarville to paddle around the Les Cheneaux Islands, which was our original plan. So we thanked our host for putting up with us for the last few days, and left with an open invitation to come back and kayak anytime. We will definitely take him up on that. We are already planning next years trip.
We set up camp at Loon's Point Campground, although most of us planned on camping on Government Island. It looked like a nice small, friendly place.
We packed up our kayaks with camping gear and food for an overnight stay on the island. 

Setting out on Cedarville Bay to begin exploring the open waters at the north end of Lake Huron.
Lots of houses and cottages on most of the islands. Reminds me of Cape Cod.

Boat traffic was low, as we kept out of the busier channels.

Lots of wooden motor boats in the area, as this was where the old Chris Craft boats were built. Some of the craftsmanship of the boats was very stunning. I have always admired these old wooden boats.
John C and I paddled around the east side of Island #8 while Deb, Carla, Sally and Ed paddled the west side.

Government Island- no houses or roads here. Very thickly forested.
We landed at the north end campsite on Government Island and took a look around.

We set up camp in the clearing, with a couple of picnic tables and fire ring provided. 
John, Sally, and Carla, decided to hike the island, and Deb decided to sleep back at Loon's Point in the comfort of her motor home. Ed's back was bothering him, and my knee was sore, so we stayed in camp.
We set out on Scammon Cove after supper at about 8:30 to watch the sunset over the islands.
We paddled to the south end of the island hoping for a view of the sunset over the water. But the waves were a little larger than we liked in the open waters of Lake Huron, so we stayed closer to the shore.

  Looking at the campsite at the south end, we realized we should have explored more before deciding on a campsite.  It was a lot more peaceful at the south end since there were no other islands close by. Next year we will have to remember that.
 Penny Island at the southern tip of Government Island. Very rocky terrain, unlike Government Island.

The sunset was great over the island. Sally and Carla did venture out this far to see it.

Our futile attempt at a campfire. After we turned in for the night, the fire came to life.

Miles paddled today: 6.75. Year to date: 149.5 miles.

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