Michigan's Upper Peninsula Kayak Trip Day 4 July 28, 2012

Les Cheneaux Islands Day 2

 Saturday morning Carla, Sally and I woke up early so we could get back to Loon's Point to shower and  pack up after the night on Government Island. John and Ed decided to paddle a while longer.
 John and I had planned to leave for home Saturday night while the others would stay until Sunday. But Deb's back was bothering her, so she was finished kayaking. Ed was at her mercy since he rode up with her. Sally decided to leave early to visit her sister, and Carla needed to get home to to take care of some problems. So John and I ended up being the only ones left to paddle.

We drove to a boat launch in Cedarville since we needed to be out of the campground by 11:00. We paddled into the west end of Cedarville Bay and headed south to the Lurie Bay and Little La Salle Island 

Stopped for lunch on Little La Salle Island. Water level was very low in the bay.

 Paddling around the reeds in Duck Bay on Marquette Island.

 We found ourselves in the middle of a sailboat regatta in Muscallonge Bay. Had to dodge boats for a while. Luckily the race was finished so we didn't interfere with them.
Boat house with living quarters above. Nice idea.

Got off the water about 3:00. Temperature was around 85 degrees, and the speed boats more numerous, so we decided to leave. Can't wait to come back here next year. This was definitely a memorable trip.

Miles paddled today: 10.5. Year to date: 160 miles. I might make it to 250 miles yet.


  1. Looked like a great day and place to paddle....
    enjoyed, paddle on.

    1. Thanks. It was a beautiful day, temperature was perfect. Lots of sunshine and good company.