Muskegon River Croton to Newago Re-run July 7, 2012

 Redid the Muskegon River on Saturday since the weather cooled down to the mid 90's, and
 even paddling with all the tubers beats working around the house.
 There were lots of tubes at the put-in, but we quickly got ahead of them and enjoyed a nice quiet stretch on the upper portion of the river.
 The heat also kept our group small - only 11 paddlers showed up.

Water seemed unusually clear. Probably due to the lack of rain this summer so not so much sediment running into the river. 
Lots of fish could be seen in the water.

Lots more tubes getting in at Thornapple, and of course around party island, but once we got past them, there were not so many the rest of the way. Must have been too hot for them.

Summer is going by too fast. Need to make use of every opportunity to get on the water.
Paddled 14.27 miles. Year to date:108.42.

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