Rogue River Paddle with Huntington Rogue River Blues Concert Tuesday July 10, 2012

 A last minute decision to kayak down the Upper Rogue River in Rockford. They have live bands on weeknights in the park next to the Rockford Dam. Tuesday nights are Blues music night. So we got a group together for a short 2 1/2 mile paddle from 12 Mile and Summit to the dam. About a 45 minute float ending in the backwaters of the dam. Even got my wife to go along on this trip since it was so short.
Looks like we weren't the only ones with the idea.
Water was very shallow due to the lack of rain. Had to get out and walk a couple of times.
Water got deeper as we got closer to the dam.
Approaching the dam. Lots of people in the park. Not many in the water though.
Another group of kayakers even had pizza delivered to the water from Vitale's across the road from the dam. Great idea.
Live music while we floated in the pond on a warm summer evening. Nice way to end the day. Will need to do this again.

Paddled 2.52 miles. Year to date: 110.94 miles.

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