Kelli's Wedding Day

Bittersweet day as my youngest got married today. Second daughter to get married this year.
 A forecast on Wednesday called for 80% chance of showers on Friday. At least there wasn't a blizzard like Melissa's wedding. But the day turned out to be clear with temps in the low 70's. Prefect for an outdoor wedding.

Everything went well with the wedding and the catering. So now we are home with just the two of us, something we haven't experienced for over 25 years. Will be a lot different. In 2 years we went from 3 kids with all their friends always visiting to empty nesters. 
We did get to keep Jasper since her husband isn't a fan of dogs. That could be interesting since he has always been so depressed whenever she was gone. He would refuse to play, just wanting to watch out the window for her to come home. Now he will be watching for a long time.

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