Flat River - Greenville to Belding Oct 20, 2012

Time for our annual color tour down the Flat River. We started with six paddlers for another dawn paddle from our usual spot at Jackson's Landing in downtown Greenville. The rain we have had almost daily for the last couple of weeks meant good water levels on a river that usually runs low this time of year.
The clouds from the overnight rain kept it dark longer than we expected, so we set out using headlamps and taking our time. It helps that one of the paddlers lives in Belding so she knew the river well.
The temperature was in the low 40's when we started out, but wearing a wetsuit kept it plenty warm.
As it grew lighter it was apparent that the rain and wind had knocked most of the leaves off the trees already. There were still some good colors, but mostly golds, browns and yellows. All the red and orange leaves were pretty much gone.
We startled several flocks of turkeys roosting in the trees. Even though the river runs through a state game area, there was very little wildlife seen.

The sky was starting to clear up, looking like the afternoon paddle would have clear skies. We got out at Bricker Road and drove to Belding for a good hot breakfast.

After breakfast we were joined by 9 more paddlers back at the start in Greenville. The day was warming up nicely, although the clouds were thicker and threatening rain again.

The clouds started breaking up after lunch, and the temperature warmed up to the mid 50's.

We took a side trip up a tributary to an abandoned train bridge spanning the stream. A couple hundred yards paddling upstream against a strong current brought us to the old stone structure.
 It must have been quite a beautiful bridge at one time. It was still an impressive sight with the fall colors.

Nearing the end of the paddle. It has been a good year on the rivers and lakes of Michigan. I think this may be one of the few times in my life I am truly sad to see the summer end. After working outside for 25 years, I am usually tired of  the heat and humidity of the summer and more than ready for cooler fall weather. And even though this has been a very warm year, there have been a lot of good times, with both daughters getting married and lots of kayaking with many memorable trips. There will be a few more occasions to get out before the end of the year, and hopefully some winter paddles. But the warm weather paddling is about over, and I am looking forward to what next year brings.

Today's paddle:17.8 miles total. Year to date: 251.4 miles.

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  1. Hey Rob. I always have mixed feelings with the start of Fall and colder temperatures. I love the crisp morning air, leaf colors, and watching the V formations of geese as they fly over head, to their Winter migration areas. But for me, Fall, especially Winter, signals the end of my paddling season here in North Carolina. I don't own a wet / dry suit and will NOT risk my safety paddling unprotected in really cold water temeratures. So, each paddle adventure I can "squeeze" in between now and the end of Nov. are that much more precious and special for me! Like you, I'm already looking forward to warm weather paddling!