Kalamazoo River March 23, 2013

Winter is taking as much time leaving as it did in coming; we had 6 inches of fresh snow this week. It has mostly melted, with daytime highs in the 40's. With this snow I think we have had as much snow in March as November, December, and January combined. Rodney and I decided on a trip down the Kalamazoo River today to take one last run this winter with some snow on the ground.
 We are going to have to kayak on Fridays, since the last couple of weeks they have been sunny and warm. Saturdays have been cloudy and cool. But work still gets in the way of being on the water, at least for me.
We encountered a lot of fishermen in the upper section of the river, both in the river in boats and on shore. Once we were past M-89, we had the river to ourselves.
The river is fairly wide, so trees didn't cause any problems. We thought about  trip down the Pere Marquette with another group, but didn't want to deal with downed trees. A couple of submerged rocks did keep us on our toes.
 The sun came out for about 20 minutes. The temperature was in the low 40's with a slight breeze.
The river mostly flows through the Allegan State Game Area so there are few houses or roads. We saw lots of ducks and geese and several deer. But the best part was the solitude. There is nothing like the peace and quiet of a trip down a river in winter.

 There were only small patches of ice on the shore. The bayous and still water areas were ice covered. Nothing that caused any problems. We both stayed warm and dry today.
 Spring will eventually come, and whatever snow we do get will melt fast. Even though the cold weather makes paddling more difficult, there is something about winter I will always love. Even after working outside for 23 years when I was in construction, I still love a good snow storm, and will always hate to see it melt. It will be nice to be able to paddle without all the winter gear on, though.
Probably no kayaking for a couple of weeks.
With Vicki's birthday next weekend,  I doubt I will get permission to go kayaking. Need to keep priorities in order.

Miles paddled today: 15.7. Year to date: 58.5 miles.

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