White River - Hesperia Dam to Pines Point June 8, 2013

On Saturday we paddled down the White River again, on the section from Hesperia to Pines Point.
The day started off with cool temperatures in the lower 60's and clouds for most of the day. There were 20 paddlers on the river today. I was the only one who had done the lower stretch on Memorial Day. There were a few friends I hadn't seen since last year, and some new members to the group, too.
This stretch of the White River is vastly different that the lower stretch. The current is stronger, and there are more rocks and fewer fallen trees. There were no portages necessary, although we did have a few logs we had to go over.
The owner of a canoe livery across the river from the put in said the water level was down 28" from Memorial Day.
This section varied greatly, too, from wide open deep, slow water to narrow and rocky with strong current.
This area also had more houses along it, lining both sides of the river for much of the first half.
A blue heron rests on a tree before being frightened off by our presence. It was one of several we saw, along with a mother duck and her ducklings who paddled by us to the safety of some fallen trees.
Although there were a few trees down, for the most part they were easy to get around without much trouble.

There were a lot of small islands in the river. Except for one or two exceptions, the river was clear on both sides of the islands so you had your choice of which side to paddle.
Unlike the lower section, there were no side channels to take us off in the wrong direction.

A young eagle soared over us, his tail feathers just beginning to turn white.

There were several stretches of small riffles on the river, about as much as you can expect on most rivers in southern Michigan.
The sun did start breaking through the clouds a little as we neared the takeout, with the temperature rising to the mid 70's.
A teepee set up along the river.
 Another great day to be outside exploring the rivers of Michigan. Unfortunately, my trips will be a little less frequent in the next few months as I will be busy with real life as we move into a smaller house. Hopefully our Upper Peninsula trip will still be on, although as of now only one of the trip leaders will be able to go, and she may not be able to because of shoulder pain.

Miles paddled today: 9.7.  Year to date: 131.1 miles