UP 2013 Trip Day 3

Au Train River Wednesday July 31

There were only five of us wanted to paddle the Au Train River. Most everyone else complained that it would be too boring after the Pictured Rocks, and with the prediction of rain after noon,  they decided to go hiking to see the waterfalls in the park. So Ted and Deb, Dennis, Sally and I set out to see what the river had to offer.
 Almost immediately we were pleasantly surprised. It was the shortest shuttle we ever had, less than 3/4 mile from put-in to take-out. If I was wearing decent shoes I would have walked. And the only houses we saw were right at the beginning and at the end. Everywhere in between the banks were either wooded or marsh land.
The river was also much better than we expected. A decent current and pine tree lined banks reminded me of the main branch of the Au Sable Rive in the Lower Peninsula.  It was a very relaxing paddle with few obstacles and great scenery. A wonderful way to unwind after the workout yesterday on Lake Superior.

Water lilies were blooming everywhere.

 The water was amazingly clear.

Several rope swings hung from trees along the river, along with signs requesting you keep your clothes on. Must be a problem with the nearby college kids. Takes all the fun out of it.

One of several herons we saw.

This river would be perfect for Vicki - a short 1-1/2 hour paddle. Maybe she can come along next year.
The rain looked to be a ways off yet, and Dennis and I enjoyed it so much we thought about continuing to the mouth. But we decided to paddle the same stretch again since we had time to spare. The others returned to the campground.
Later in the afternoon, the storm they were predicting finally came in. We watched it as it came in off Lake Superior. The calm water suddenly turned violent and wind gusts of 50 mph hit the campground. We took shelter in Sally's truck.
The yellow tent barely visible behind the collapsing screen tent blew across the campground, along with the clothes and food that was in it.

My tent was spared, although the poles were bent a little.

  A nice double rainbow after the storm cleared.
The sky cleared up in time for another spectacular sunset. Except for the noise of the nearby highway, it was a beautiful campground.

 Miles paddled today: 10.8. Year to date: 177.4.

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