2013 Paddlers Rendezvous Sept 28, 2013

Day 3: Pine River Dobson Bridge to Low Bridge

Saturday morning started out warmer than Friday, and the humidity was a little higher. There were a few morning clouds, but as the sun came up they cleared away fast.
A lot more paddlers arrived Friday afternoon and evening. There was a choice of several different rivers to paddle again today.
Brian decided to paddle the Dobson to Low Bridge section of the Pine River. This section is a favorite of many paddlers because of the numerous stretches of small rapids. I have some friends who paddle this stretch at least once a month, if not more often. I haven't had a chance to run it yet this year.
The river starts of not much different than the upper sections - good current and sharp turns but mostly smooth running.
 Shortly after putting in at Dobson we ran into the only obstruction we had all day. A small tree had fallen and completely blocked the river. It was about two feet above the water at the trunk end, and some of the smaller paddlers were able to get under it. The other end had several small branches that blocked the way. After working my away through them, I was able to cut the majority of them with my saw and provide a  passage for the rest of the kayakers.

The colors were getting better by the day, and with the sun filtering through them cast a beautiful glow to the woods.

After a stop at the Peterson Bridge landing, we start off again.
Peterson Bridge.
The rapids begin shortly after Peterson Bridge, and continue much of the way to the sand dune.

Approaching the largest dune along the river.
Several people decided to climb it. I couldn't let them show me up, so I joined them to take some pictures. It was a little more work than I expected. But with a little encouragement and several rests I made it up.
The view from the top. Yes, it is as steep as it looks. Not sure how people have gotten a kayak up there, let alone ride it down. There are several videos on YouTube of them doing it.
The river banks flatten out after the dune, the former backwaters of a long gone dam that used to span the river.

Approaching the Low Bridge take-out. Tomorrow the group plans to do the middle section from Silver Creek to Dobson. I would love to join them but prior commitments require that I return home. Some stayed through Monday to paddle the Little Manistee. I would love to do that river also; I had to back out of an earlier trip on the Little Manistee due to back problems. Once again the real world gets in the way.

Miles paddled today: 14.6. Year to date: 248.5.

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  1. Dunes from a different perspective-- very cool! Looks like you had a beautiful day!