Red Cedar River and Looking Glass River Nov 16, 20013

I had been anxious to get back on the water after not paddling the last two weeks, and a group from Lansing had plans to paddle the Red Cedar River on Saturday. Rodney and I drove out to join them since I had never paddled this river before.
I had heard that this river had lots of downed trees. That was definitely the case. 

We had eleven paddlers today in seven kayaks and three canoes. The day was overcast for the most part. The sun did try to break through the thick November clouds, but at least it stayed dry. The rain didn't begin until we were almost home. The temperature was in the upper 40s to low 50s.

The first and probably easiest tree to get around. There were four or five places we had to portage. Rodney and a couple of others managed to squirm through some of them. I elected to portage around most of them rather than get stuck in a tree in the middle of the river.
One of several hornets nests we saw hanging above the river. We also saw a large osprey, a couple of deer and several turkeys. Luckily we didn't see any deer hunters, as this was the second day of deer season. Most of the land along the river is closed to hunting.

There was not a lot of current in the river, which was just as well. It makes it a little easier to get around the trees without having to fight the current too.

Rodney wearing his traffic worker vest so as to be visible to any deer hunters.

Approaching the takeout in Okemos. Since it was a long way to drive for a short six and a half mile paddle, Rodney and Denice wanted to do a section of the Looking Glass River, too. So we drove to the north side of Lansing to put in at the park in downtown DeWitt. This section is several miles upstream from the stretch we did in January.
There were quite a few noisy ducks in the park who let us know they were not too pleased with our presence at the put in.

Almost immediately we had to portage around another downed tree, but the rest of the way was wide open.
Since we got a bit of a late start we only did a 2.6 mile section on this river. We wanted to be off the river before dark, which is about 5:30 this time of year.
We thought about joining another group for a full moon paddle on the Thornapple River east of Grand Rapids on the way home, but that trip was cancelled due to a storm front moving in. It would be great doing three different rivers in one day, and I hadn't done a full moon paddle in a couple of years. But that will have to wait until December, if the ice holds off.

Miles paddled today: 9.1. Year to date: 295.2.