Riviera Maya, Mexico Dec 12-17, 2013

After working on the house all summer, and dealing with the problems that come with an older house, we really needed to get away. Vicki's dad wanted to go back to Florida for the winter, so we offered to drive him down to Bradenton and then spent a couple of days working his trailer. Then we flew from there to Mexico for a much needed vacation for a week.
The weather in Mexico was hot, with temperatures in the mid 80s every day. Strong winds from off the gulf kept the water rough and it threatened rain almost every day. But it held off for the most part, and we did have a relaxing time.
 A couple of days were calm enough to take advantage of the free kayaks at the resort. The only kayaks to choose from were cheap sit-on-top Ocean kayaks, so the seats were not very comfortable, and they were a lot more difficult to paddle compared to the kayaks I am used to paddling.
For a kayak junky like me they were better than nothing, though. And they allowed me to explore the resort area from the water.
A pelican flying directly toward my kayak.

A lagoon a little north of our resort looked like an inviting place to explore, but with an unfamiliar kayak and no GPS or maps to guide me on the channels along the coast, I was hesitant to explore it further for fear of getting lost.
 There were also pretty good sized waves breaking on the shore, and while it would have been fun playing in them, it would have made it difficult to get back into the bay with an unfamiliar kayak. So I was content just to follow the shore.

A good relaxing week in Mexico. But it is time to go back home.

Total miles paddled: approx. 5 miles. Year to date: 309 miles.

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