Flat River Whites Bridge Road to McPherson Road Bridge Apr 12, 2014

Jeff had recovered from shoulder surgery, so he scheduled a short paddle on the Flat River to get back into shape. It was also the first paddle of the season for one of our clubs, and several of our members.
 We put in at the site of Whites Bridge, an old wooden covered bridge that was burned down last July. A group is trying to raise money to rebuild it. This was a section of the Flat River I had never been on before. I wish I could have been here when the bridge was still here.

The weather was cloudy and cool, with temps in the mid 40's.  The river was running a little high from the snow melt, which was good as this section of river is usually pretty shallow.
A few  patches of snow remained in the woods along the river. A few ducks were the only wildlife we saw.
The river is quite wide in this section. Lots of room for our group. There were seveeral other groups of kayakers out today as well.
This is my least favorite time of year when everything is drab, gray, and muddy. Until the leaves start to come out and grass starts to grow the scenery is not very interesting.

A short paddle of just over an hour, but fairly close to home. We got off the river just in time as the rain predicted for evening arrived earlier than expected. Seeing as I didn't bring any rain gear, I was glad to get off the water when we did. Several large storms passed through a couple hours later, causing a lot of wind damage. Ron lost his car to a large tree falling in his yard. Fortunately it missed his house and he wasn't injured.

Miles paddled today: 5.1. Year to date: 39.5.

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