White River - Pines Point to Diamond Point April 26, 2014

Saturday morning broke with sunshine and the promise of a nice warm spring day. Jeff put together a trip down the White River so I decided to go with his group rather than paddling in the Hugh Heward Challenge again. Clouds built up on the drive up to Pines Point campground though, dropping the temperature to the low 40's.
 By the time we finished the hour long vehicle shuttle the sun returned, although it remained a bit cool.
The five of us set out on the river with a slight breeze and bright sunshine.

 Carla and Kristine portaging around one of the many trees down in the river.  Being early in the season no one has been through to clean up the downfall yet.
There were a couple of trees everyone had to portage, and half a dozen more that we had to pick our way through or portage around. Everyone stayed dry, although Kristine had quite a scare when she got tangled in a tree. Jeff and I helped get her safely free, and while she was shaken, she did stay upright and unharmed.
 The late arrival of spring has kept everything drab and gray, although pockets of green vegetation have started to appear. It will be nice to have leaves on the trees and grass and flowers again.

A quiet creek provided a good spot for a quick lunch break.
The temperature did warm up to the low 50's as the day went on, although a stiff breeze kept it cool most of the day.

The water level was a bit high, and the many trees in the water provided for a challenging day on the river.

A good afternoon on the river, and my first sunburn of the season.
Miles paddled today: 12.5. Year to date: 52.

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