Lower Rogue River May 26, 2014

Melissa and Matt both wanted to do some kayaking Memorial Day weekend, and since the replacement windows in my house had gone in without too much trouble, I took some time Monday afternoon to go with them down the Lower Rouge River in Rockford.
 Melissa's husband and Kelli had to work, so we went with just the three of us. Vicki's wrist is still bothering her, so she dropped us off and did some shopping in downtown Rockford and picked us up at the park after we were done. We met up in town with a couple of old kayaking friends I haven't seen in a couple of years and put in just below the dam. Quite a few others had the same idea of paddling that stretch that afternoon.
I had taken Jasper along because we originally had planned to do the upper section of the Rogue, which is a lot quieter stretch than the lower section. But a last minute change of plans put us on the lower section, so it would be interesting to see how he would do in the rapids.
The water level was pretty good with the rain we have had. That helps keep some of the rocks covered, although with this river you still bounce off quite a few. It keeps you awake and on your toes.
 This was Melissa's first time on the lower section. She did fine in the rapids, although Jasper didn't appreciate the unexpected baths he got.
 Once we got out of Rockford, there were fewer people on the water. We saw very few the rest of the way.

A warm peaceful afternoon on the water.
Some trees were in the water but there wasn't anything we couldn't get around.

 We paddled casually the whole way, with no where to go it was nice to relax after working on windows all weekend.

Jasper looking back over Melissa's shoulder. Except for the two sets of rapids where he got wet, he seemed to enjoy himself. And at least he wasn't sitting home alone all day.

It was good to get out with a couple of my kids today. Their lives have been so busy they haven't had the time to go kayaking with me. I still need to get out with Kelli and Mitch sometime soon.
Miles paddled today: 7. Year to date: 66.9.

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