Muskegon River Night Paddle June 13, 2014

Ron and Cyndi paddle the Muskegon River nearly every full moon, so I decide to tag along on Friday the Thirteenth in June.
The quiet of late evening was a great time to be out on the river. With no crowds of tubers or fishermen, we had plenty of room and lots of peace and quiet to float down the river.
We saw more wildlife than usual, too. Several deer and a couple foxes roamed the banks as we paddled silently by. A couple of eagles and several herons also were scared up by our presence.
Swarms of bugs hovering above the water forced us to wear head netting for much of the way down the river. But as darkness approached they became fewer and farther between. No mosquitoes, just lots of mayflies. If you took the netting off you had to make sure you kept your mouth closed so as not to swallow a mouthful of them.
A view of the great sunset as we floated along.
An interesting paddle ending in pitch darkness. The moon hadn't risen far enough by the time we were finished to provide much light. We will have to do this one again.
Miles paddled today: 6.4. Year to date: 102.6.

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